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Life In Our Nomad | Master Bedroom
Our master bedroom is actually pretty big! But it is also the bathroom and shower...
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Life In Our Nomad Second Bedroom
This is a video showing my son's bedroom. There are bunk beds, but he still sleeps in a pack and play (which fits in there). Plus there is tons of room for toys and all his essentials!
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Life In Our Nomad Living Space
The living space consists of the entry way, living room, kitchen, and dining room all-in-one! It may sound cramped, but there are vaulted ceilings and a little room for decorating!
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We have had an absolute BLAST living in a fifth wheel! Life has been busy, fun, and surprising. Take a look at our life and let us know what you think!
Click {HERE} and look at the video I made of what a glimpse in our life looks like! 


  1. Fun blog. Glad to find you via nifty thrifty sunday!

  2. we lived in a travel trailer for 6 months last year with our 4 kids... it was tight, but I had so much more free time too, to actually be with the kids. I loved that part.

    1. We really enjoy it! It creates a lot of extra family time and we get to explore so many places. Thanks for the comment!

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