Hi all! My name is Adreanna. I am a 24 year old crafter, do it yourselfer, photographer, and now a blogger! I am married to an amazing man, who is also my best friend. I also have the honor of being a mommy to a fun and energetic little boy. Random Adre facts: My favorite food is CHOCOLATE! I want to grow up to be a cowgirl. I was 2005 Miss Navajo County Teen Talent and a 2006 American Miss State Finalist. My biggest fear is swimming in open bodies of water and spiders. I HATE doing the dishes. I love being at the beach and doing yoga!
my KX250 - preggo pics - Seattle Farmer's Market - just me

  I have a secret confession to make... I love writing! But I never have anything interesting to write about. And simply keeping a journal is boring. That is the first reason why I started a Blog. I love retelling stories, but in a more fun and interesting way.
   The second reason why I started this Blog was because my husbands 6 year term in the Air Force was up at the end of the year and we decided as a family that he would not be re-signing. In September of 2013, in preparation for finding a new job and moving, we rented out our beautiful home and moved into our camping trailer. Originally we lived in our Skyline Nomad. Hence the name of my blog. It was a fifth wheel that was about HALF the size of our current trailer. But thanks to a tornado and amazing insurance, we now live in a wonderful, 2 bedroom fifth wheel! The adventures started within the first week and continue to keep us on our toes and laughing!
 my view for 2,000 mi - Laundromats - the crew - more driving

 I was born and raised in a small town in Northeastern Arizona. We lived on a small farm with a big garden and I even had my own horse. I look just like my mom and she taught me how to cook, sew, crochet, and more! I'm also a home-bodied, do it yourselfer just like my dad. And I inherited his nose and love for M&M's! The first half of my childhood I was the oldest of 3 children, then my dad remarried and I am now the oldest of 7! My step mom is also crafty and handy so growing up I had 2 very talented women and a great dad teaching me everything a girl could possibly need to know!!
senior pic - 18th birthday - freshman year - BFF's in New Zealand

  The first time I saw Matt I was a 16 year old, very nerdy and shy Freshman. He was a Senior, popular, a football player, and total hotty!! Two months after we started dating he left to join the Air Force. We grew close and fell in love writing letters. He served our country and I finished High School. I was completely surprised with a proposal while I was visiting him during the 4th of July after my graduation. We were married on September 27, 2008. The next morning, we drove away in a U-Haul and started our life together.
rehearsal dinner - Wedding day - the Temple - together forever

   Life as an Air Force wife was easy and hard at the same time. It was easy to be proud and supportive of my Airmen. It was hard having him gone a lot. Matt did not deploy until after we had been married for 2 1/2 years. He was gone to Al Udeid AB in Qatar for 6 months. I kept myself busy working nights as a CNA and finished school to be a Certified Photographer. Two months after he came home the most amazing thing happened! We found out we were pregnant! Half way through my pregnancy Matt had to serve another short deployment, but this time he went to New Zealand/Antarctica and was only gone for 2 months. Then he was home taking care of me and my giant belly! Ryder has been the most amazing blessing in our lives. He was a very happy, smiley, and loving baby. He still is all of those things, but also has the tremendous amount of energy that most 1 1/2 year old boys have. I love being a mommy! Matt just became an Apprentice Lineman and we'll all find out what life as a Lineman's wife will be like soon!
 AF awards dinner - 1 month old Ryder - 1st Disneyland trip - Halloween 2012

   In the future, both Matt and I, want to be living in a cute little house with a white picket fence that is on at least 5 acres of land! We need enough room for a barn, horses, chickens, a milking cow, a big shop for Matt to work in, and maybe even a place that we can all ride our dirt bikes together. I will be very excited when we can be settled somewhere so that I can start my photography business again. Ryder will be starting school and hopefully he has a little brother or sister!

I asked my handsome husband what he would say if he were to write my "About Me" for me and he said, "She has recently started to really get into crafting and she is a natural at it. She is a great mom and eager for her next kid. Adri has come from a hard childhood and a split family, but has made the decision to leave that all behind her and rise above it. We now live in an RV because of my new career and because we live in such confined space she has picked up this new hobby of blogging. Which I must admit she does well with it."
at the dunes - cold WA beach - fam pics 2013 - first vaca together

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