Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Rainbow Playroom Pillow

Ok let's be honest.... my crochet stash is getting a little out of hand. Currently I use our guest bedroom as my work space. My loving and wonderful husband bought me an amazing ScrapBox for all my stuff. Everything has a spot and it closes up to hide everything.

Or its suppose to close... Right now EVERYTHING is overflowing to cover all the spaces, the closet is full of stuffed bins and yarn,  and its pretty hard to close up. Therefore the #yarnstashproject has been born!

First up is the Rainbow Pillow. This was such a fun pattern to follow! I've always loved bobbles and never thought to put them on a pillow until I came across this fun one.

I went through my stash and look at all of these amazing colors! Caron Simply Soft yarns is one of my favorites to use. It always gives perfectly snuggly results.

The original pattern for this pillow is from A Crafty Concept. I decided to tweak it just a little! I added more colors which resulted in a larger pillow. I also made this pillow reversible with an altered color pattern.

This is going to be used in our playroom. My kids have a large crash pad that they use to get out energy and to help with sensory stimulation, but also for reading time and so I wanted a really fat pillow! Therefore I added a grey band across the top to make it wider. Over all this Rainbow Pillow measures

Thank you so much for letting my share! To see the rest of the Pillows I created for my #yarnstashproject click HERE.

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