Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Christmas Break 2017 | Hillcrest Pajama Train | Sequoia National Park | Pismo Beach

Christmas Break this year has been so much fun!! We made sure to fill it full of fun activities, family, love, and laughter! This year we were able to snag tickets to the very popular Hillcrest Pajama Train. We enjoyed train rides, hot coca, live music, Santa, and the whole place was lit up with beautiful Christmas lights and a story of Christ's birth.

Grandma and Grandpa cam to visit us for a whole week! We took them to Pismo Beach so that they could get their feet wet on the ocean and also enjoy the thrills of riding in our RZR. I had no idea what an alive sand dollar looked like, but we found TONS of them all over the beach! It was so cool to watch them slowly try to get back out to sea.

We also took our family to see Sequoia National Park! I doesn't matter how many times we go, the size of the trees always amazing me. There is just something amazing and relaxing about being around the trees, mountains, and fresh air.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and full adventure. I love that my family is so active and that we find so many things to enjoy together. Thank for letting me share my life and happiness with you. I hope you are out there making memories and finding your happy!

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