Thursday, November 30, 2017

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The last several months have been fantastic! I stepped away from Blogging for a little while. My son started Kindergarten and my baby became a toddler which means I reached a new level of Moming! Now that I have gotten into the swing of things, and learned how to juggle PTA meetings, soccer games, endless errands, pick-up and drop-off, toddler classes, etc. I'm ready to get back into the Blogging World!

In case you haven't been following me on Social Media, here are some of the new things i have been up to:
I've written several of my own patterns, and altered several more! (available for download HERE.)

I also found the perfect solution to make dress-up more simple for your little princess! These beautiful and fun Princess Aprons can make using your imagination and play time easier for everyone. The aprons are worn over clothing. This eliminates the frustration of undressing from your regular clothes and when switching dresses. 

I also decided to change my logo! I have been participating in more craft shows, boutiques, and home parties. Therefore, there was a need for business cards and I wanted them to depict exactly what my Blog and Etsy niche is focused on.

As far as my main job, I have reached a whole new level! My oldest started Kindergarten and also turned me into a soccer mom on Saturday mornings. My baby became a toddler and gave a whole new meaning to stubborn, independent, terrible two's! And we bought a house!! Life has been full.

Morro Bay, CA | September 2017

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