Friday, February 17, 2017

Free Crochet Pattern | Simply Squares Blanket | Baby Blanket

Crocheting is my favorite form of therapy. Plus I have the need to constantly have my hands busy. I can't just sit there watching tv or being a passenger in the car. This soft and huggable crocheted blanket features the Simply Squares stitch pattern. 
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This gives a thicker and closer weave pattern than most crochet blankets. Simply Squares is my favorite baby blanket pattern because it gives more detail than just basic back and forth rows.

The pattern measures for a blanket approximately 40”X35”, but can easily be adjusted bigger or smaller. Just work in even numbers plus 1. This is a very simple pattern for beginning or novice crocheters! View pattern below or click HERE for the ad free/printable version.

Yarn - I use Caron Simply Soft 100% Acrylic Yarn - Medium Weight (4)
Crochet Hook size 5mm (my favorite are WooCrafts Ergonomic Crochet Hooks Set Ergonomic)


Ch 121.

Row 1. Hdc in the 2nd st from the hook. *Skip 1 st, then (sc, hdc) in the next st. Repeat from * across until 1 st remains. sc in remaining st, ch1 and turn.

Row 2. Hdc in first st.*Skip 1 st, then (sc, hdc) in next st. Repeat from * until 1 st remains. Sc in remain st, ch 1 and turn.

Repeat Row 2 until desired length. On very last row, fasten off instead of the ch 1 and turn. 

Blanket looks great as is, or you can add 2 rounds of sc as an edge. remember to add 3 sc in each corner.

Free Crochet Pattern | Simply Squares Blanket

*This Pattern is not for resale. You may use this pattern for free and sell the items made.

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