Monday, August 22, 2016

Quilting Design Planner

I have always had a passion for creativity. God asks us to use our talents, and so I shall sew!! I really enjoy quilting. While living on the road, it has been my soul therapy. I reached a point where I had scraps of various papers with scribbles and sketches that I'm sure made sense at the time, but now have no meaning. And so if I ever try to recreate a quilt or idea, I stare at my scraps in total confusion. This is why I decided it was time for a Quilt Designing Planner/Journal.

All of my ideas and creation in one place. I can be more organized in my designing, shopping, AND cutting! I always over buy fabric because I'm usually guessing how much I need and add half a yard. Ridiculous! This planner will hopefully eliminate this problem. It will also help me to plan what i can accomplish with all my scraps and left overs. Or if they are have a sale on fat-quarters, which I'm always a sucker for...

Download my Quilting Design Planner and enjoy! For mine I used front and back printing and then hole punched and placed in a binder (which also has other sections for sewing and crochet patterns). That way you have the sketch on the left and the plans on the right! You could also have it bound into a really nice book.

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