Monday, May 23, 2016

My little Graduate!

I can't even handle how handsome my little guy is. Today was his Graduation from year 1 of Preschool. I asked him if he was sad that school is over and he said no. Haha! Typical boy...

Adventure Life has been a huge blessing in our life. This time last year we were working with therapists and worrying about the fact that he wasn't talking. He attended this school for only 5 months, and was able to catch up to the same level as his peers. I cannot even express how grateful I am for the wonderful program and teachers he had.

Next month he turns 4 years old. It seems like yesterday we were bringing him home for the first time. Now he's graduating from preschool, riding a bike without training wheels, and telling my he's tough whenever he gets hurt. He will forever be my little guy who is full of big energy and attitude.

The good news is, I didn't cry during his little graduation ceremony. Even though I really wanted to!! Thanks again Mrs. Bergman and Mrs. Humble!

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