Saturday, January 30, 2016

I'm not crazy, but my life sure is!

People tell me all the time that my life must be an adventure. I explain our living situation and receive astonished reactions. If i was on the outside looking in, i would probably have the same reaction! But this is our 3rd year living full-time in our RV and so for us, it's just normal... Want an example of this so called crazy? 

We drove to Georgia and back to spend Thanksgiving with friends. Then we drove to Arizona and back to spend Christmas with our families. Hubby transferred companies and had to spend 3 weeks living in hotels and would drive 3 hours to be home with us on weekends. And for the finale, we spent New Year's moving!

Stone Mountain Georgia

Thanksgiving was wonderful! We spent a week with our best of friends. Talking, laughing, staying up too late, watching our kids play, and eating amazing food! I'm still craving Brunswick Stew and Hushpuppies from that gas station BBQ restaurant!!! We have always considered the Jensen's our family away from home. Their friendship has gotten us through some of the worst and best times over the last 5+ years. We love you dearly... 

We have spent all, but one, of our Christmas' together in Arizona. This one was by far my favorite one! There were so many wonderful and fun things that happened. There is nothing greater than the love of family.

Monkey was trying to see Grandpa's house! 

I love this little family of mine. And we've discovered that we thrive in this tiny house of ours! Apparently our children love being crammed, piled up, and close together. I'm not going to lie, i love it too....

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