Thursday, March 12, 2015

How to successfully potty train in 3 days!

I know you think I am crazy, but I promise you. I was able to Potty Train my 2.5 year old in 3 days.When Hubby and I officially decided that we were going to start trying for baby #2, immediately, my next thought was that our toddler needed to be Potty Trained ASAP! The reasons were:

1. I'm not a fan of changing diapers on one child, let alone two.
2. Diapers are expensive!
3. I live in a camping trailer and barely have enough storage for one Costco size box of diapers.

I always thought I would "let" my husband Potty Train our sons when the time came. Fortunately for him, he works A LOT! So I turned to the internet to arm myself with ALL of the information that I could find. There is plenty.

I came across several people talking about a book titled Potty Train in a Weekend! It has literally been the BEST $10 I have ever spent. I started her process on Friday and my son was wearing big boy underwear on Sunday without having any accidents! Her science and knowledge behind the process is too exact to reiterate. I highly recommend buying Potty Train in a Weekend.

We Potty Trained Monkey right after Thanksgiving and it is now the middle of March. He started Preschool two weeks after Potty Training and had a few accidents in the first few week. Since then he has not had a single accident!! I have had the same pair of "back-up" underwear in my purse for months.

I am also very happy to announce that tomorrow I will be 16 weeks pregnant with sweet and precious baby #2 and have one less thing to worry about!

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