Monday, March 23, 2015

Embroidered Vintage Pillowcase

During our latest winter trip to Arizona, my sister in law infected me with her addiction to vintage pillowcases! As soon as we got home I started driving around to all of the thrift stores and spent some time digging through 25 cent bins of vintage linens. You should have seen my visit to St Vincent de Paul, dragging my over flowing $7 black garbage bag of treasures and chasing my 2 year old down the sidewalk.

My sister in law makes beautiful aprons {visit her shop} using vintage sheets and pillowcases! I was granted permission to her stash and she helped me to start my own quilt. Unfortunately my camper does not have the floor space to finish it, but once the weather warms up maybe I'll be able to use the lawn.

This was one of the fastest pillowcase projects I have done. Choosing the fonts took longer than the embroidery. I also love the fact that the pillowcase cost 25 cents, the hoop was $1.50, and the embroidery thread was about 40 cents each.

Once you decide which pillowcases to use, move the embroidery hoop around until you decide which part of the pattern you like best.

If you love your handwriting then draw your own pattern for your embroidery. If your like me and hate yours, then simply print it on the computer.

Because the pillowcase is so thin, I was able to cut out my pattern and tape it to the back of the fabric.

Using a fabric pen, pencil, or fine tip marker, carefully trace out your design onto the pillowcase.

There are endless resources to teach embroidery. Pinterest, YouTube, books, etc. I have discovered that it is very enjoyable. Almost therapeutic! I learned and used the French knot on this project and am in love with how cute they are!!

Once you are all done having fun with your embroidery, use a sewing needle and thread to sew large stitches around the outside edge. Pull it tight against the back of your fabric and tie it off.

All that's left to do is to hang it where everyone can see your artwork! I hung mine next to my vintage sheet bunting and antique flour sifter.

Living in a camping trailer has both its advantages and disadvantages. But the more decor I buy and make, the more I love how our little home looks and feels! I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for letting me share!

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  1. I love it!! I find your story about living in a trailer really interesting! We have an RV, but just for weekends and vacations.