Sunday, March 1, 2015

Double Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Last week I finally tackled sewing my first zipper. So this week I decided to take it to the next level and created my own pattern for a large double zipper pouch!

I've just jumped on the Smash Book wagon and am in love. I use my book in a journal/gratitude style. Therefore, I needed something to put all my goodies in, along with my book, so that I could work on it while lying in bed, in the car, sitting in front of the heater, etc. In my search I was coming up completely empty handed and disappointed! Too big, too small, too expensive, or just plain ugly.

I decided who needs retail! I have more than enough fabric scraps to make several pouches. It literally cost me the price of 2 zippers to complete this project. It was the best $3 I have ever spent.The pouch is large enough to fit all my goodies and yet small enough that I can throw it into my purse. Here is my pattern and tutorial with pictures. Enjoy!


2-18" zippers

1-10x14" in main fabric
3-10x14" in lining fabric
2-10x14" in lightweight batting or interfacing

1-7x14" in main fabric
1-7x14" in lining fabric
1-7x14" in lightweight batting or interfacing

1-3x14" in accent fabric
1-3x14" in lining fabric
1-3x14" in lightweight batting or interfacing

Iron or attach your fabric pieces to the batting. I used spray adhesive. The materials above are grouped according to how they are adhered.

1. Pin the 10x14" lining piece and the 3x14" accent piece, front sides together along the 14" side and sew.

2. Pin the 7x14" main piece to the 10x14" piece you just sewed, front sides together along the 14" side.

You should have something like this. The back side is all lining/green pieces.

3. Pin one of the Zippers FACE DOWN on the accent pieces front side, along the 14" side.

4. Using a zipper foot on your sewing machine, sew on the outside edge of your zipper as close to the zipper as you can.

5. Flip your zipper over so that you are looking at the front of both your zipper and your accent piece. Pin it in place.

6. Sew a seam along the top of your accent piece. This will help to keep your zipper from catching on the fabric and it will give a nice finished look.

7. Place the piece so you are looking at the front of the 7x14" main piece. Fold up the bottom so that the right sides are together. Looking at the back of the zipper, pin it to the front of the 7x14" main piece along the 14" side.

8. Sew along the outside edge as you did in step 4, flip and pin like in step 5. Sew a seam along the front edge of your 7x14" main piece.

Once turned inside out it should look like this.

9. Grab your 10x14" main piece. Pin the second zipper FACE DOWN to the front along the 14" side.  Repeat steps 4-6.

10. Because there is a finished edge on the piece from step 1-8 you do not need to sew it face down or flip it. Simply place the accent piece down on the front side of the second zipper so that the 14" sides are side by side and pin it.

11. Sew a seam along the accent piece. It is fairly thick, so take your time.

There is now a large pocket zipper at the top and a pocket zipper on the front.

12. If you would like a handle for your pouch you need to attach it now. I used a 3x13" piece of accent fabric. Fold it in half long wise, right sides together, and pin. After sewing, turn the tube inside out and sew down both sides.

13. Decide where you would like your handle. Fold it in half and pin it to the front of your pouch. 

14. Flip your piece so that the right sides are together and pin the entire thing. MAKE SURE BOTH ZIPPERS ARE HALFWAY OPEN! Otherwise you will sew the zipper clasps out and have no way to turn your bag right sides out. Sew around the 3 fabric edges, excluding the zipper side, and back stitch over the Zippers for reinforcement. Trim the edges, corners, and excess zipper.

Turn right side out, remove pins from handle, and VOILA! 

I am in love with this pouch. It looks pretty. It is soft and easy to carry. Best of all it is large enough to fit all my goodies and yet small enough to throw in my purse! The finished dimensions are 8x13". I also feel like it would be simple to adjust the measurements to make this pouch bigger or smaller. I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did. 


  1. thanks for the tutorial!! Some of the directions were a bit confusing but I figured it out by looking at the pictures. I serged the inside seams to clean them up and added a big plastic ring for the strap.
    this is just what I wanted. something big enough for my big wallet and phone for a night out with hubby.

  2. Thanx for the tutorial..agreed with neisha about the direcxtions being a bit confusing..but i survived..i covered the inside seams with piping....i like the size can fit 3 scissors..

  3. you do not mention what your seam is. 1/4 inch? 5/8th?