Wednesday, March 11, 2015

30 Family Fun Day Ideas

I have always felt that having Family Night is very important. Right now we have a 2.5 year old and a baby on the way so our activities are pretty simple. It's very easy to entertain toddlers. The older they get the more you can incorporate activities or lessons that teach and expand understanding. Such as learning to budget, the importance of manners, dating, fire building, how to change a tire, etc.

We love to get out of the trailer and have adventures! I like to draw out an activity during the week, that way we have a few days to plan or prepare. Unfortunately
some of these activities aren't always possible. Like on days today when it is -18° outside.... If that happens either put it back and draw again or put a creative spin on it! I added a few spins to our Favorite Family Fun Ideas below. Enjoy!

1. Make cards, write letters, or color pictures to give/send to grandparents

2. Make and then play with play dough.

3. Play BINGO - Get my Free Download of Matching Bingo {HERE}

4. Make a treat and take it to a friend

5. Go swimming

6. Go on a Walk/Hike
        -Plan an indoor scavenger hunt

7. Plan your next Family Vacation

8. Go to the bookstore and let everyone pick a book to buy

9. Build a fort in the living room and watch a movie

10. Picnic at the park/playground
          -Make pizza and have a picnic on the kitchen floor

11. Water gun fight
          -Indoor Marshmallow fight

12. Balloon Rockets

13. Dad's Choice

14. Mom's Choice

15. Monkey's Choice

16. Go on a bike ride
          -If it's December drive around and look at Christmas lights

17. Go to the movies
           -A lot of libraries put on puppet shows or even free movie nights

18. Build a bird house - Toysmith Build A Birdhouse

19. Go to the Zoo
            -If you don't live by a zoo and your kids are young, then go to a pet store!

20. Go fishing

21. Visit a Museum or Aquarium

22. Balloon Tennis

23. Build something
            -Michael's has a great selection of crafts and project kits
            ALEX Toys Little Hands Paper Plate Bugs,  Made By Me Hand Print Stone Kit

24.Go out for dessert

25. Lay out blankets for star gazing and make Smores

26. Bowling or Mini Golf
            -If kids are too young, use empty soda bottles or cans and make your own bowling

27. Fly kites
           -Build paper airplanes and fly them inside

28. Plant a garden or flowers

29. Make your own ice cream and have a sundae bar

30. Play board, card, or video games
             -some of our favorites are Let's Go Fishin' , Hungry Hungry Hippos , Disney Cars , Memory Match Game

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