Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Washing machine flood!

Today has been a very eventful day. Many people dont understand our lifestyle or think it to be too hard. But I wouldn't have it any other way! My beautiful little family is together. I would do anything, go anywhere, and live in whatever I had to, to keep it that way!

Our life is an adventure and I learn something new every day from our full time RVing. For example: This is what happens when you don't realize
the drain hose of your grey tank is not only frozen, but full, and you proceed to wash a load of laundry. This results in your sink and bathtub filling up with water, as well as the washer hose spraying water, flooding the floor! I, of coarse, was busy talking with my neighbor who had come over to visit to notice what was happening.

Life is always full of surprises! It only took pouring 20 pots of boiling water down the toilet to unfreeze the clog and drain the water. Once hubby came home and used his huge muscles (yummy!) to pull out the washer, I climbed back there and used towels and my blow dryer to clean up the water. Mold and condensation is our biggest and constant camper problem. Now everything is cleaned up and you better believe we won't forget to leave our tank heaters on from now on! ;)

It seems like yesterday, instead of last winter, that I was using the very same blow dryer to melt the layer of ice on the front door that was trapping us inside!! 

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