Friday, October 17, 2014

Moving Day #8

Unfortunately winter is upon us. Which means that 75% of the RV parks are closing. Therefore we have moved to a county park. The positive is that we will be living next door to hubbies coworkers! The negative is that the monthly cost is more than double what we were paying before. Thank goodness it's only for a month!

This is a picture of us pulling out and waving goodbye.

This move was by far the fastest! I guess we must be becoming pros. Normally Monkey and I follow behind hubby to make sure everything goes alright. This time my little Monkey declared that he wanted to ride with daddy, therefore I was left alone. As I was following and jamming to my tunes, something flew off of the trailer and tried to go through my windshield! I called hubby and he pulled over so we could see if it was something important. Apparently the cover for the hot water heater is pretty important...

The boys kept going and I backtracked to try and find it. The spot it came off was on the highway.  I parked at a gas station, zipped up my coat, and said a quick prayer! I ran across 4 lanes of oncoming traffic safely, and then lucky me it began pouring rain. So i bolted across the 500 foot grass median. For those of you that know me, you also know that everyone was probably laughing hysterically! I finally reached the other side and had to go up the highway until I finally spotted it! I then began my real life game of Frogger. All those years of playing as a child payed of,  because I won! With the cover under my arm, I gave the next round of cars a good show as I made my way back to the car.

Here are some pics of the new park that Hubby took.

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