Friday, October 31, 2014

Happiness and Black Friday Announcement

I have always been very grateful for the talents I have been blessed with! Not only do they bring me and my hands happiness, but they help to occupy my mind. They also allow me to share happiness with others.

Last winter was very hard on me. I was living in a strange place, no friends or family,  and confined to my home due to brutally cold weather. This is where my Quiet Book adventure started. At the time I was using a handed down sewing machine that was bulky, extremely heavy, and only worked half the time. (No offense, and thanks again Mom!) 

My very First Book took almost a month to make! It was fun and frustrating to make. The fact that my little Monkey loved it is what kept me making more. I have several designs and patterns that I've made, but my Farm Quiet Book has been in such high demand that I haven't had the time to make them! 

About 2 weeks ago I had an Etsy customer send me a message. She was looking for something to entertain her 1 year old on an upcoming flight. I told her about monkeys first experience with a quiet book and she ordered right away. Earlier this week I received the following email from her:

"It arrived! Oh, she is going to love it! Yay. It's even more beautiful 
and magical than I thought.  I'm actually starting to feel excited 
about this trip rather than worried. Thank you!"

-Sarah B.

This absolutely made my day! Not only does my crafting bring me happiness, but it also makes others happy.

This sparked a motivation and determination in me to start an abundance and variety of books to be available for my first Black Friday Sale!! So very exciting

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