Saturday, September 20, 2014

Problems of an RV Wife: Stubborn carpet stains!

    I found out yesterday that Hubby would be working today for the 3rd Saturday in a row. Therefore today turned in a PJ day! Which usually turns into lots of cleaning. As I was sitting at the kitchen table watching Monkey playing on the floor, I couldn't help but notice the disgusting stains on the carpet. (Yes, one of the many RV "perks" is the fact that there is carpet under the kitchen table...) I started thinking about the fact that I should really rent a carpet cleaner. I then realized that it would not be an easy task. I would have to unbolt (yes, unbolt!) the table from the floor and move the couch outside so that there would be enough room. I also thought that all of this would require Hubbies help. But because he is already working 6 days a week, the last thing I want to do is ask him to spend his Sunday doing Honey-Do's!!

    A couple of weeks ago Monkey expressed his inner artist by decorating the stairs with a permanent marker! Lovely... However I was able to get it out of the carpet using Vinegar. So there must be a way to clean the rest of the carpet using this same trick! I also remembered a pin on Pinterest that I had tried that didn't really work too well. So I put my own spin on it...

You will need the following items:

~1 cup vinegar
~2 cups warm water
~a little laundry soap
~a rag
~an iron
~a large bowl

    Fist plug in your iron to an outlet that will allow it to reach the carpet you are trying to clean. It is a good idea to give your target area a really thorough go over with the vacuum. Mix the first 3 ingredients in the bowl. Soak your rag in the cleaning solution and ring it out just enough so that its not dripping. Then lay it over your stains. Proceed to "iron" your wet rag. Don't be afraid to let the iron sit in the same spot for a few seconds. The more steam you create, the better!! Once you have ironed the whole surface, lift your rag and let it cool off a little. Then, using the same rag, give the stains a little scrub. I promise it doesn't take much because the steam has done most of the work by loosening all the yuckiness. Repeat the process if desired!
    Now before you judge me on how disgusting the before pictures look, remember, we bought our RV used. Also keep in mind that I have a 2 year old who has been eating 3 meals a day for the last year above said carpet...
    I was very impressed with the results! Not only do they look clean, but they feel softer and surprisingly smell better as well! Thanks for letting me share! Happy Saturday!!

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