Monday, September 29, 2014

Let's Go Quiet Book

    I love this Book! It is all boy and my son is so disappointed that it is for another little boy and not him. It looks like I will be making him one too!

    The Let's Go Quiet Book is full of things that go! It is a very interactive and fun activity. It measures approximately 7" X 7". This book includes 6 soft pages.

AIRPLANE - Help the Airplane take off into the sky!
FIRETRUCK - Raise and lower the ladder to help with a rescue!
MONSTER TRUCK - Put the trucks tires on! (Velcro)
DUMP TRUCK - Raise the trucks bucket and dump the rocks!
LOADER - Use the lift bucket to pick up the rocks!
TRAIN - Build a train and then build it again! (metal snaps)

    You can visit my {ETSY SHOP} to learn more. I'm excited to see what my imagination creates next! I'm also VERY willing to take orders if you would like a specific theme or to make changes/additions to this book. Thanks for letting me share and Happy Monday!!

Please do not copy or resell these designs.

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