Thursday, August 21, 2014

RV Adventures!

Most people literally look at me like I am CRAAAZY when I mention that we live in our RV full time. Haha it never gets old... We are fast approaching our 1 year anniversary of moving in to this gem of a home. There are many things I love about our new life style, but the number 1 reason has to be that our life is a freakin adventure!!

We are constantly seeing and exploring new places and things. I can't even count the number of new people we've met, fun, crazy, and scary! (Fellow RVers can be pretty interesting...) My husband is working really hard in his new career and Monkey and I are so grateful for him for that. Because he works so hard, this leaves us exploring and investigating most weekends.

One of our most favorite parts of this life is the fact that this is literally our back yard...
How can you not completely love this view. There were seriously fish jumping out of the water as I was taking this picture. We spend our weekday mornings walking and splashing by the river and then wander over to the enormous playground they have here.

Two weekends ago we came across a free Farm Zoo! It was so fun! Monkey loved it. He kissed chickens, shared his popsicle with a cow, got photo bombed by a donkey, licked by a deer, and picked a pigs nose.

Last weekend we woke up Saturday and thought what the heck, lets drive to the next state over!! We went to an AZ Cardinals game and explored the city by train. Our hotel used to be a train station and so Monkey got to see first hand is favorite thing in this world, A TRAIN!

 And since today is Thursday, there are more great adventure on their way =)

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