Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Grey and Pink Baby Blanket

    A day does not go by that I am not extremely grateful for the fact that my toddler still takes 2-3 hour naps! It leaves so much time for activities (and cleaning...)!

    If I can be really disciplined, or not in the middle of a great book, I can usually get all of
my "chores" done before nap time. Monkey is now at the age where he actually enjoys helping me clean. He gets so excited when I get out the vacuum hose! Its also nice having a helper while loading and unloading the washing machine.

    I enjoy that he likes to spend this time with me. Because then I can spend all of nap time working on my crafts and projects without feeling like he is not getting enough of my attention. Thanks to RV life, I am my Monkeys best friend. For now...

    I've discovered that quilting is one of my most enjoyed pass time.(Scrapbooking is a VERY close second.) I love getting new toys! And yes I consider quilting tools toys...

    I was so excited to start this quilt that I literally skipped lunch... But I love how it turned out! And my new tools made the process much faster and more efficient. If you love it as much as me, feel free to visit my Etsy Shop and take a look! Thanks for letting me share =)

I would also be more than happy to accept custom orders!! You can email me at or comments below!

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