Monday, August 11, 2014

DIY Library Bag

    The one and only thing I dislike about having a 2 year old that LOVES the library, is attempting to carry 20 library books to the car while also carrying my purse and keeping my 2 year old out of the road! It is all worth it though. Especially to see his little eyes light up every night at bed time when we get to read a brand new book.
    I am very grateful for libraries. Not only are they saving me hundreds of book dollars, but they get us out of the RV for at least 2 hours a week. Which I have learned to be very grateful for!

    The nice lady at the check out counter was nice enough to inform me that they sell library bags.
    "Great! How much?" was my response as she pulled out what looked like a "fabric" Wal-Mart shopping bag.
    "It's yours for only $15.50!" Naturally my mind went crazy with thinking at how outrageous I thought this was! But I was sure to look and sound polite as I tried to explain that I thought I might want something a little bigger and sturdier. Thank goodness she was such a sweet little old lady!
    So we left the library that day with a temporary library bag that she had dug out of a dusty drawer.

    There are 12 books in this plastic bag and my prayers were answered that we made it all the way home without it ripping! So while Monkey was eating his lunch I began to dig through my fabric scraps to see what I could come up with. I found the perfect gem of fabric in my stash...
    I cut 2 pieces of orange and white chevron pieces of fabric that measured 12" x 12", 3 pieces of grey fabric that measured 6" x 12", and 4 more that measured 2" x 12". Then I just sewed! I also used my new embroidery machine to add a little extra touch.
    I love how it turned out! And Monkey loves to carry it into the library so that he can put the books down the return shoot. The bag holds up to 18 books. Thanks for letting me share! Happy Monday!!


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