Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Colorful Arrows Quilt

    I am totally in love with how this quilt turned out. It is so exciting to have the image of a project in your head and then to have it turn out BETTER than you imagined. The colors are so bright and fun! Lucky for me I bought too much of each and now have enough to make another!
    I sure wish Monkey still loved to cuddle and that the weather was colder, because I would keep this quilt selfishly. Instead we are listening to the A/C blast as we watch the road crew sweat mercilessly as they pave the road in front of our RV. Monkey is of coarse in heaven. All boy!
    This Summer has been great, but I anxiously look forward to Fall. It is one of my favorite seasons. But it also worries is all about Winter and how cold this trailer can be... Last winter was our first in the trailer and we experienced -20 degree weather. The trailer, however kept us warm and safe, which eases my worrying a little.
    If you love this quilt feel free to head over to my ETSY SHOP and take a look! I'm also interested in taking custom orders to help fulfill my need for creativity. Thanks!
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