Saturday, July 19, 2014

Our little angels...

   One year ago in May we found out at 8 weeks pregnant that I had had a miscarriage. The grieving process was hard and to ease the pain we decided to name our little angel Jordyn. 

   Words cannot describe our joy when we found out exactly a year later, this May, that we were pregnant! A month ago we went in for an ultra sound and were beyond pleased to see a beautiful little baby wiggling around. 

   Two weeks ago I went the hospital in pain and bleeding. We found out that due to a genetic defect our baby had passed away. I was 12 weeks. We decided on the name Sky, because it gave us both the feeling of peace. 

   Matt came home today with balloons and took me out in a field. He wanted to do something for our little angels and tell them that we love them. We both wrote letters and cried together as we sent them to heaven. I am so grateful for my family and friends and their love and prayers. I know that someday I will be with Jordyn and Sky again, and that knowledge is very comforting

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