Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life changing goals... I hope.

I know I'm a little late for New Year's resolutions, but due to recent events that have effected my life I have decided that I need to set some goals for myself.
First and foremost, my husband and myself have decided that we need to bring ourselves closer to our Savior. We feel that praying and studying the scripture together will help us to learn more about ourselves, as well as become closer spiritually.
Second, I have come to realize that I have a disturbingly close relationship with the television... Bad! I have challenged myself to read as many books as I can this summer! I started this challenge a week ago and am already on book #3 =)
Third, I am the type of person who enjoys waking up slowly, quietly, and peacefully. My 2 year old makes this impossible. He wakes up quietly and so that I am unaware of his presence until he is inches from my face screaming at me. Sound lovely, right? My new morning goal is to wake up before him, enjoy a cup of tea, and read quietly while I wait for him to wake. Hopefully resulting in the day starting off better for both him and myself!
Fourth, EXERCISE!! I love to cycle. This morning Monkey and I enjoyed a lovely 6 mile ride through the trees. I especially enjoy riding on the weekends when hubby can join us. My goal is better health, more endorphins, and the stamina to keep up with my over-active toddler. Wish me luck!

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