Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thrifty Thursday | Pallet Garden

I have always been an advocate for making things made out of supplies that are free, almost free, or recycled! When we got our new washer/dryer combo, it came strapped to a pallet. I was so excited! I'm always seeing such cute Pinterest projects using pallets. Now that the weather has been warming up I've been craving to get my hand dirty and plant a small garden. My only problem is, we live in a camping trailer... What if we get a call and have to move tomorrow?? Then I would have wasted time and money. That's when I saw a pallet garden on Pinterest! This would allow me to have flowers and a few veggies, while still being able to move it if the time comes.

I started with a nice and beat up pallet!

I wanted to keep the beat up look but also thought it needed some color. I lightly sanded it and then gave it a "Green Wash". (Half water and half green paint!)

The boys gave me a beautiful red plant for Mothers Day. I also went to the local supply store and bought 5 more flowers, some peppermint, and a jalepeno plant. They were all $1.99 each and 25% off everything! The pots were only $1.25 each and Hubby already had all the hose clamps for me. I love how it turned out! 

Next time we move I'll just simply need to take the pots out of their rings and throw the pallet in the back of the truck! Now I just pray that my black thumb will turn green...

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