Thursday, May 1, 2014

Video: Nomad Life

Click {HERE} to watch: Life In Our Nomad 
RV life, 1 tornado, 2 trailers, 5 moves, and 8 months...

We never thought our lives would be so exciting once we moved into our fifth wheel! I also can't believe it has been 8 months... I put together a little video of all of our fun pics and videos . When Hubby first suggested the move I about burst from doubt. We started out in a 1 bedroom/1 slide Nomad fifth wheel. It was very tight! We made it work and tried to contain our frustrations. Then while on vacation we were "blessed" with a tornado putting a hole in the roof! Thank goodness for insurance!! We were able to upgrade to a 2 bedroom/3 slide Silverback fifth wheel and it has made life so much better. I honestly feel like we live in an apartment on wheels!! We have moved 5 times and each time is an adventure. I love our life...

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