Monday, May 5, 2014

No more Laundromats!!

I never thought I would get SO excited about buying an appliance! I have spent the last 8 months using Laundromats. Our first RV park didn't have one and so we had to drive almost an hour to the closest one. Then we stayed at a KOA in Colorado that did and it was pretty dirty which made me feel as though my clothes couldn't possibly get clean surrounded by filth. The last park we were at had amazing facilities! It truly spoiled us! And while it was nice to get an entire weeks worth of laundry done in 3 hours, it cost about $40 a month in quarters. Also, taking an almost 2 year old to the Laundromat is a NIGHTMARE! Right now we are at a county park, which provide NO facilities. The closest Laundromat is a 15-20 min drive. So we did some research and found this:
It is beautiful! It is an LG 2.3 Cu. Ft Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo. I love it!! I now have the freedom to wash laundry when I want to. Not only when Monkey is napping or Hubby is home. No setting timers to prevent other campers from messing with my underwear! No more quarters or wasting gas driving to find the closest Laundromat! Our monthly rent includes utilities so it is not costing any extra for water or electric.
I was worried about having to do small loads, but I've discovered that I can fit 3 large towels and about 10 t-shirts in a load, which is pretty fantastic! It does take about 3 1/2 hours from start to finish for a load to wash and dry, but that doesn't bother me. I can easily keep up with our laundry by doing only 1 load a day (taking the weekends off, of coarse!).
The truly entertaining part of this little adventure was getting it into the trailer!! My poor husband did most of the work while I felt as though my fingers were going to rip off and my legs snap in half! If only there had been a camera to capture is going up the trailer steps....

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