Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"House Shopping"

Since becoming full-time RVers, we have taken on a lot of new hobbies. One being, that we really enjoy going to RV Shows! We spent Saturday at the Fair Grounds wishing as we toured an enormous RV and Boat Show. We know now what would make a trailer perfect! And even after seeing hundreds of trailers, our current "home" still comes the closest.

We do, however, love seeing all of the different ways companies can make these trailers either feel like home or be perfect for camping and sleeping dozens! We even saw one that was 2-story! I think Hubby is starting a collection of camper brochures! Maybe someday they will have a completely customizable option, then he can take out all of his brochures that are covered in his notes, and we'll be able to design our perfect trailer!!

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