Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Easter Baskets on an RV Budget!

I am always trying to find ways to save $! Because what mom doesn't love spoiling her children?!? Since the big move and hubby switching careers, we have been sticking to a strict budget plan. Therefore spoiling has become difficult. Unless you plan for it! So I started a holiday budget. Every pay day I set a little bit of $ aside. I know I'm not the only one that Christman and Birthdays sneak up on!! I decided that my budget for Easter this year would be $40. Let's see how I did...

For Monkey, I decided to replace a basket with something he could actually use! I found this Sand Bucket & Shovel at Dollar Tree for $1. I also bought some paper grass ($1) that I knew I could re-use for a Spring craft I have planned! Win-win!!
It was very important for me to figure out a way to use as little candy as possible for Monkey. I came across some giant plastic eggs, also at Dollar Tree! I bought them and some regular sized eggs for $1 each. A total of 24 eggs for $2!
Because Monkey is still too young to dye eggs, and also because they wouldn't get eaten, we will use the small plastic eggs instead. I will fill them with candy and let monkey decorate them with stickers. At Dollar Tree, again, I found some small toys that would fit in the giant eggs. A 3 pack of cars $1, Mickey Mouse $1, Lightning McQueen $1, and 2 sheets of stickers $2. A total of $5.
I had a $10 Kohls cash that was about to expire! My goal was to find something Monkey needed or that he "couldn't live without". Hehe... I found 2 church shirts, which he desperately needed! Their normal price was $24 each but they were on sale for $4.80 a piece! I also found a Henry motorized train that goes to the track we got him for Christmas. It was $20 on sale for $10!  After using my Kohls cash and tax the total was about $12 ( I saved $58!!!!!) 
Then I decided to get some candy.... Mostly for hubby and I and some for the eggs. At Dollar Tree I got 5 bags of candy and a chocolate bunny for a total $6.
After adding up all the spoils, my grand total is $27! Monkey is going to be completely spoiled and I was under budget by $13! Go me!! On Easter morning I have a scavenger hunt planned. Each clue will be taped to a candy filled egg. At the end he will find this:

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