Thursday, March 27, 2014

Move #3

The park we have been staying at is very popular! There is a race track a few miles away and this is where the horse owners stay. We have been staying in a spot where the water pipes are underground to keep from freezing  and there is approximately 20ft between trailers with a nice lawn and tree. These spots are always reserved for the spring through autumn at least a year in advance! So we had to move so that the normal residents of that spot could move in.

We literally moved 500 feet... Hubby wanted to get it done first thing on Saturday. So I got up, made breakfast, and did some chores while he was getting everything ready. We also had a birthday party to be to at 11:30! So while we moved, which required a lot more than 500 feet of driving to get the angles and such right, I stood at the bathroom sink and ATTEMPTED to do my hair and makeup! It definitely wasn't my best work, but we got the entire move done and made it to the party right on time!

Our next move (happening any time within the next month) will be a 2 1/2 hour move. The bad news, we found out we can't stay at the state park like we originally planned. My hope is to find somewhere that is closer to the job than now. Currently Hubby drives 45 min to get to the yard. 90 min per day of driving causes our car to literally drink gas!

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