Friday, March 7, 2014

Full week!

This week has been an answer to my prayers. Because it has been busy!! The last 2 months have been dull, boring, and border line depressing. Heavenly Father must have heard my prayers because I have really enjoyed this week. On Sunday we went to some friends house for dinner and then to another friends for dessert for a birthday. We also did not have water on Sunday or Monday! Then on Tuesday we had a lunch/play date. It's always fun to make new friends! Wednesday we went to play group with our new ward. Bikes, trikes, and ride along toys in the cultural hall! It was also Hubbies birthday! So monkey and I put up some balloons and streamers and we had a little party for him. Thursday I babysat a little boy Monkey's age and they played and played and played! This morning we went to a Breakfast party. On top of all of that I sold 4 Quiet Books, went grocery shopping, did dishes 50 times, paid bills, ran 100 errands, and now I'm about to go to the laundromat! Oh, and we found out we are moving again in a month... It has been a full week!

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