Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bunk Bed Makeover

We have lived in our Fifth Wheel for 7 months now! I am constantly thinking of new ways to make it feel organized and maximize the little space we have. Monkey has still been sleeping in his pack and play. Since there are already a set of bunk beds in his room, along with TOO many toy, it leaves no room for playing!
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The result is always for Monkey to drag his toys into the already tight living room. So hubby and I put our heads together to figure out a solution!

The Bunk Beds Before

Since Monkey won't be 2 for a little while, we felt he wouldn't be ready to transfer into a "big boy bed" yet. We considered stuffing the pack and play on the bottom bunk, but decided that wouldn't work. Then we remembered seeing bed rails that slide under the mattress! We realized they wouldn't cover the entire front of the bed. Hubby then got the perfect idea! Screwing a 1X12 to the front of the bed! Just tall enough to keep him from crawling out, but not too tall to keep me from getting him in and out. So off to the hardware store we went. After searching for an hour and considering all our options, we found the perfect thing!!! A beveled edge shelving board. It seemed to be the right color and was the exact length we needed. 

New and {DEFINITELY} Improved

It turned out PERFECT!!! It looks like it could have come that way! I'm so grateful for such an intelligent and handy Hubby! Monkey went right to sleep his first night. And I enjoyed being able to lay next to him for reading time. Now there is plenty of floor space for his toys and imagination to go wild! Stay tuned for more improvements =)

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