Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Lineman Wife's Life

The adjustment from being an Air Force wife to a Lineman wife has been interesting! It has also been very adventurous!! While in the Air Force, hubby got to visit so many new places. But Monkey and I were never able to go with him. During this journey we have been with him every step of the way, and I love that we can be! Yes it has demanded quite a few sacrifices, but not the biggest sacrifice! Which would be having to be separated as a family. And thanks to the military, I'm tired of making that one!

We have been at our current location for almost 3 months. Sometime next month the true journey will begin! Hubbies project is starting so we will be moving every 4-6 months for the next couple of
years. While still returning to our current location once every other month for hubbies schooling.

My next craft project is going to be a map so that we can keep track of all the places this Fifth Wheel is going to take us!! I'm very excited for spring to finally be right around the corner so that we can start exploring the outdoor part of this adventure. And also so I can start putting up (moving friendly) decor. This last summer my sister-in-law helped me to start a flour sack bunting for the outside of the trailer. I also need to start exploring my options for hanging a wreath on the door...

I am also going to be a huge fan of using the grill!!!! The more I cook outside, the less I will have to clean the kitchen. Maybe our next site will have a fire pit! I know that it has a lake, so I'm crossing my fingers it will get warm enough to swim before we have to leave.

In the meantime, my busy little Monkey does a good job of keeping me busy and entertained. Growing his mind, decorating this RV, date nights, and my Etsy Shop keep my plenty busy! And there are always VERY interesting people to meet that live in these RV parks!

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