Monday, February 3, 2014

Home Organization

   Today while cleaning I came across this! It is from when we were still living in our house. At the time I made this chore schedule, I was very busy with a new baby, starting my Photography business, and serving in the Young Women's presidency. My house was definitely showing my full schedule!
   The chart is in a 8x10 frame I bought at the dollar store and I would cross off finished tasks with a dry erase marker. I would focus my mornings on crossing off as many tasks as possible. This left my evenings and weekends free to spend with my family, at mutual, or scheduling photo sessions! And actually enjoy
the free time instead of being annoyed that my house wasn't as clean as I wanted. You can download and print the file {HERE} or use it as an example to create your own.

   My favorite part about living in a camping trailer is the fact that it takes a quarter of the time it takes to clean a house!! I remade my chore schedule and literally cut it in half... A Happy House Is A Clean House! Enjoy =)

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