Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A case of the Mondays

   Today I definitely had a bad case of the Mondays... I'm still wearing the pj's I wore to bed last night. But I have a good excuse! The hubby woke me up this morning as he was leaving for work to let me know that the water pipes were frozen. My first thought was, it is 6 am. So I replied, "OK", rolled over, and went back to sleep. My second thought was, because yesterday was Sunday (my day off), I didn't do the dishes before going to bed. Crap!
   So not only did I start my day with a thermostat reading 45 degrees, but also a sink of dishes that started at full, then gradually became fuller, and ended in completely over flowing... And now I'm laying in bed dreading having to do them tomorrow. That is if the water line has thawed by then!! Tomorrow's adventure my be doing the dishes in the bathtub. Haha! (Thank goodness for baby wipes and bottled water!)
   On a happy note, our trailer didn't blow away last night! Our neighbor 2 trailers down said that his trailer almost tipped over! He felt a big gust of wind, and then his trailer tilted to one side and slammed back down to the ground. Scary!!
   The baby and I were feeling a little case of camper fever so we decided to go for stroll through the park. Bad idea... We were bundled up and freezing! The weather would not be bad at all if it weren't for the negative degree wind chill.

   Our walk started as a stroll and turned into a b-line straight for the Rec Center! They have a really big room with a loft. Baby runs circles around the room and makes lots of trips up and down the stairs getting his wiggles out, while I enjoy the thermostat at a constant and cozy 70 degrees =)

     We are definitely living the simple life. My days use to be full of so much I could barely think straight! Now they revolve around nap time and having dinner on the table when hubby gets home. I'm am very grateful for having been blessed with so many talents because they are keeping me busy! Pictures of quiet books, quilts, scrapbooks, new recipes, and more to follow =)

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