Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's cold!

Our first weekend in Iowa went great! Lots of cleaning, organizing, and such. Sunday we woke up to find ice on the insides of all the windows! Nothing we couldn't handle.

But then Monday hit. States all over the nation experienced their coldest weather in as many as 100 years!! We stayed nice and warm in our trailer though! We had to spend the entire day without running water due to frozen pipes, but I had a gallon jug of it in the fridge. So, while hubby was at work, baby and I had a pj day =) Of course as soon as my handy man returned from work he was able to fix it...

Tuesday morning came quickly and we had water! But the front door was frozen shut... Haha now that's cold! Thank goodness this didn't happen before hubby left for work! I put a heater in front of the door for several hours and I was then able to get the door open! But not the screen... So I called hubby and he had the idea of using my blow dryer. Genius! 

It didn't work... But thank goodness the screen has a square opening for the door handle, and also that I'm skinny! Using a kitchen fork (we keep the tool box in the compartments on the OUTSIDE of the trailer), I was able to squeeze my top half through the hole and hang upside down to chisel the door open! FREEDOM! 

Well today is Wednesday and so far nothing interesting has happened! But it is only 2 o'clock...

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