Monday, January 13, 2014

Crazy weekend!

   On Friday I noticed that the milk was a tad warm? Gross, I know!! And then it continued to get warmer, and warmer, and warmer. Thank goodness for the snow outside because it made an excellent fridge! I'm also grateful I realized the fridge was broken the day before grocery day, so it was almost empty. Not that we can fit much in there anyway... 
   The hubby/in-house handyman started tinkering, but Saturday came and it still wasn't working. We discovered that a new RV fridge would cost $2000 and the part alone would be $500! Ridiculous!! So instead we went to Lowes and bought a brand new Residential fridge for LESS THAN $400!! 
   It fits perfect. The most exciting part? I went grocery shopping and bought the normal amount of food (1 weeks worth) plus extra and the fridge is only half full!!!! That's a win-win if you ask me! 

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