Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 2 Recap

This week  has been much better than week one! I am finally feeling organized. Which means before and after pics will be up soon!!! Showers are still a little touchy some days but THANKULLY my friend has declared that on Sundays I am to come to her house to do laundry and so the husband can watch football. NO MORE LAUNROMAT!! Her husband also filled my IPad with movies to help me survive nap time. I will also be attempting my first homemade beanie and boot sock set! That alone will be an adventure!! Dinners have been delicious but I am hoping our next RV site will have a fire pit. I have been pinning some campfire and Dutch oven recipes that look AMAZING! Oh and today, I lost the baby!! Until I noticed some tiny fingers in a place they shouldn't be...

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