Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I am beginning to hate showers... It is ridiculous trying to shower in a 2x4 foot space with a hot water tank that does not last longer than 15min. No matter how fast I scrub, sud, and rinse,  I always find myself still partially sudsy, conditioner still in, and only one shaven leg when the hot water runs out. This is not a gradual change either. One second you are enjoying the relaxing warm water, and the next you are wondering "Who in the heck just dumped a bucket of ice water on me?!" Today I literally turned the water off, finished shaving, and then sat in the tub dripping for 5 minutes hoping it would have time to warm back up just a little! Only to find it even colder when turned back on... Just another day in Paradise! =) 

On a side note: I attempted Brownies in the oven last night. Burnt on the bottom and raw on top.... Epic fail.  My stomach was heartbroken...

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