Monday, September 9, 2013


The biggest hardship so far while RVing has been nap/bed time. My one year old is still taking 2-3 naps during the day that usually last 1-2 hours. The problem comes from the fact that his bedroom also happens to be the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Morning nap is easy because this is my time to shower, get ready, and fold/put away laundry. My husband gets home from work around noonish and then afternoon nap is usually around 2. So we both either lay in our bed on our phones, take a nap, or my husband goes and finds something to fix outside. I've decided we defiantly need "patio" furniture so that I can at least read a book or crochet something before the weather starts to get cold. But bed time is the worst. My husband gets up for work at 3am, therefore goes to bed at 8pm. Then baby usually goes down around 9. But due to 3 years of nightshift as a CNA and then 1 year of breast feeding, I am a night owl. And because it would be creepy to wander the RV site at night, I either lie in bed staring at the black ceiling or watching a movie on my iPad (which always wakes up the hubby). Guess ill have to start training myself to go to bed early... In the meantime, Pinterest here I come!!

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