Tuesday, August 27, 2013


In the last 5 years I have moved 5 times. One would think that I would be pro at it by now. We have known about this move for several weeks and I have not been emotional about it. Until today when I started boxing up my kitchen. Apparently I have sentimental feelings for my pots and pans because I started getting all misty eyed... A lot of important, life changing events have happened while living in this home. It is the first home my husband and I have owned. We both grew and learned together as we remodeled and repaired it. It's the home that kept me safe while alone during deployments and TDY's. We survived a week "camping" in it with no heat or power during a very harsh winter. Our son was born while living here, and has spent the first year of his life knowing it as home. But now it is time to write a new chapter in our lives. It's time for a new adventure in new and exciting places. One of my favorite quotes "Home is wherever I'm with you." So together as a family, off we go to find our next home and to create more memories. And my pans will be there waiting when we get back...

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